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Baby Katherine & Baby Hudson

Family Resemblance

Most of our family and those friends who have known us for a while know how similar Jordan and Brenna looked like each other at birth. In fact, they looked like identical twins - big, bald, and beautiful. When Katherine was born, we were quite surprised to see her with hair...and dark hair at that. Her facial features also seemed to be different enough to be noticeable.

Therefore, we were surprised again to see Hudson come into the world with dark hair and unique facial features. As pictures were taken and reviewed it seemed to us that there were other similarities that Katherine and Hudson had. Therefore, we decided to post a few pictures of both Katherine and Hudson with similar poses so you can judge for yourself whether they appear to come from the same family.

Oh, by the way, Hudson is on the left and Katherine is on the right...or is it the other way around? ;-)
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